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From a drawing to an attractive business solution. 

Decades of experience, “client satisfaction” orientation, strong belief in trustful partnerships, undeniable professionalism, full transparency, dedication and reliability are our core values. 


From a drawing or a sketch to an effective and attractive business solution. Within the frame of your technical requirements, business targets, budgets and with full respect of your brand, Zip Exhibits brings you the best tailor-made plans and options with one main target: make your brand stand out. 

Whatever the industry, whatever the activity, today every domain is a highly international competitive market. We understand that what matters is brand visibility and exposure and that the right display, at the right location, at the right time are the keys to a successful and effective exhibition or event. 

The look and feel of your stand or event, decoration, furniture, AV equipment, animation, necessary staff, catering and stand-by are all ingredients of the successful A to Z solution we can provide you with.


We work hard to deliver absolute exhibition stand design and build services to clients such as conceptualisation, designing, construction, installation, dismantling and storing of the stand or event equipment.


We trust in people, we believe in brands and we are our customers’ ambassadors. 



We are all ears when our customers tell us their wishes, needs and requirements. 


We supply detailed, precise and accurate replies to any inquiry. 


Through our knowledge and experience, we have a wide range of solutions at your disposal. 


Before, during and after the event our customer always knows where to find us and can count on our presence, quick response and up-to-the-minute assistance.



How do I create my exhibition stand or my event look & decoration?

Easy! You get in touch with us and we’ll discuss every aspect of your requirements, needs and priorities. We will send you a detailed proposal and together we will shape it in the format and size that suits you the best.

Structure, flooring, graphics, decoration, furniture, AV and IT equipment,  technical aspects, planning & timing are all the aspects we will discuss.

Do I need to build and dismantle my stand?

Absolutely not! Zip Exhibits takes care of the transport, the built and the dismantle of your stand. 


How do I get furniture on my stand / event?

We can propose rental or purchase of the furniture you choose and we will make sure it is available  on the booth or for the event. 

What happens if I need help on my stand/event? 

We are at your service all throughout the event for any request or problem you might have. For extra staff such as a host or hostess, we can also help you to find the right people. 

How do I get my promotional material to my stand/event? 

You are more than welcome to send it to our premises and we will make sure all the material will be delivered to your stand. After the event, we can either store the material or send it to your offices.

What if need catering, airport transport, hotel bookings, reservations?

Feel free to let us know, we will do whatever needed to provide you with the best service. 

What happens with my stand or my equipment after the event?

No worries! Our storage facilities allow us to store any stand or equipment for you. Allowing you to use it later or even elsewhere. 

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